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Appleton, Melissa A., MD

Infectious Disease

Appleton, Nicolas B., MD

Internal Medicine

Arcuri, Nicolas A., DPM


Arinze, Festus N., MD

Internal Medicine

Asmar, Salomon N., MD


Atkins, Keith L., MD

Hospitalist Internal Medicine Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Atkinson, Robin D., MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology Pediatric Hospitalist

Awan, Obaid U., MD

Pulmonary Medicine

Bada, Samuel O., MD

Internal Medicine

Baker, John W., MD


Baker, Ruth E., MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology Wound Care Management

Baldwin, Shawn A., MD


Ball, John J., MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Bane, Jaclyn, Nurse Practitioner

Primary Care

Banez, Monico P., MD

Hospitalist Internal Medicine Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Banks, Marshall D., MD

Internal Medicine

Barrow, William C., MD

Neurology Neuropyschology

Bartholomew, Brandy, Nurse Practitioner

Neuropyschology Neurosurgery

Bartz, William ‘Ryan’, Physician

Primary Care

Bateman, Mark R., MD


Bearb, Michael E., MD

Anesthesia Gastroenterology

Bearl, David W., M.D.

Pediatric Cardiology

Bediako, Christina T., M.D.


Bellor-Yeh, Pei C., M.D.

Family Medicine Wound Care Management

Bergquist, Stephen G., MD

Internal Medicine Wound Care Management